About Me

Past Positions:
  • DMTS Bell Labs
  • Director of AT&T DSP Center of Excellence
  • Director of Lucent Technologies Optical Center of Excellence
  • Director of Engineering -- Lucent Technologies Consumer Products
  • Director of Engineering – Centice
  • Sr. System Engineer -- Hill-Rom
  • Technical Manager – General Electric
  • Team Lead – AT&T and Lucent Technologies
  • Consultant to over 15 companies.

  • Six Time winner of Consumer Electronic Show Innovation Awards
  • Six patents three more in process
  • Inventor of Digital Answering Machine, Digital End Office Intercept, Consumer priced DSP based SpeakerPhone, DSP Operating System, Palmetto Protocol.
  • Received Jack Welsh’s GE Managerial Award
  • DMTS in Bell Labs
  • Introduced over 40 products into production
  • Led Development for two successful start-ups 

Products Introduced to Market:
  • First Digital Answering Machine
  • First Digital End Office Intercept
  • First Consumer Priced DSP Speakerphone
  • Operating System For DSPs
  • Two Set top boxes
  • 400GHz Optical Networking Switch
  • 50GHz Low Cost Optical Networking Switch
  • Elderly Home Monitor
  • Message Processing Center (Turnkey Linux Box)
  • Nurse Call System
  • Fetal Monitoring System for Hospitals
  • Message Processor for DoD
  • Intelligent Wireless Headphones