Monday, November 15, 2010

Mounting the BeagleBoard-xM's file system.

This is a short tutorial for mounting your BeagleBoard-xM filesystem on your Linux system; in my case this is Ubuntu 10.04.

First install sshfs on your Linux system:
sudo apt-get install sshfs

Before you mount add yourself to the fuse users:
sudo adduser <YOURUSERNAME> fuse

SSH into your BeagleBoard:

To connect to your BeagleBoard-xm simply do this command.
ssh root@<IP_address_Of_BB-xm>

Of course you should use the IP address of your BB-xM. After entering the BB-xM's password you will have a command prompt for the board.

Mounting the BeagleBoard:

To actually mount the BB-xM you need to make a “target” directory and then complete the mount:
mkdir ~/bb-share
sshfs root@<IP_address_Of_BB-xm>:/    /home/<YOURUSERNAME>/bb-shared/ 

You will need give the root password of the BB-xM to complete the mount. Once complete you can navigate to ~/bb-shared and see all of the files in the BB-xM root file system. This line can be difficult to remember and is error prone so I generally make myself a shell script to execute it.
#! /bin/sh

echo "Mounting the Beagleboard-xM..."
echo "Enter the password for root on the BB-xM..."
sshfs root@<IP_address_Of_BB-xm>:/ /home/<YOURUSERNAME>/bb-shared/
You can unmount the BB-xm by:
sudo umount /home/<YOURUSERNAME>/bb-shared/

Browsing BB-xM's files on Nautilus:

If you don't want to mount the BB-xM's files system but just want to browse the files using Nautilus then go to: Places-->Connect to Server... and fill out the dialog like this.

Please add any comments or questions below.